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EUROCALL Subscription

Payment by bank transfer

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you need to download and fill in out the subscription form (PDF version |Word version) and return it, together with proof of your bank transfer, to the EUROCALL Office by post or by email. Please contact Toni Patton who will send you the bank details.

Online payment

Please fill in the form below to subscribe to EUROCALL. On submission, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page with a link to the payment page where you can pay your subscription fee online by credit card or by using your PayPal account. It’s important that you fill in this subscription form as it’s often difficult to match Paypal payments to members without basic member information, and we need this information for our database to ensure that you receive the benefits of membership, such as the ReCALL Journal.

Please note that incorrect information or false declarations will result in the cancellation of your membership without refund.

NB: Subscription applications are processed manually, by the EUROCALL Secretary, so there will be a delay between your payment and confirmation of your membership. Please submit this form once only – it will definitely be received by the Secretary.

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