Teacher education in CALL and CMC SIG

Google group: TeacherEdSIG_EuroCALL

Forthcoming events

Workshop 2014

Nice, France, 22-23 May 2014

Theme: Multiple Sites for Language Learning: Educating the New Generation of CALL Practitioners

Call for Papers (deadline 24th March, 2014)

EuroCALL 2014

Groningen, Netherlands, 23-25 August

The Teacher Education SIG 

The EuroCALL Teacher Education special interest group focuses on issues related to language teaching with technologies and in particular how teachers learn to

  • integrate learning technologies into teaching practice
  • develop techno-pedagogical competencies
  • evolve with changing tools, methods and learners.

We are especially interested in

  • how teachers can be supported in CALL practice
  • research methods in teacher education
  • links between CALL research and teaching practice.

What are the SIG’s activities?

The activities of the SIG include:

  • Sharing information with other members on recent developments in teacher education through the SIG ning.
  • Organising dedicated symposia at EUROCALL conferences. Organising regional workshops in members’ home institutions which will enable members to make others aware of EUROCALL’s work.
  • Collaborating together on the development of international project proposals.
  • Encouraging SIG members to visit each others’ institutions with the aim of developing collaboration.
  • Establishing links with other organisations’ special interest groups working in related areas.

EUROCALL members who are interested in joining the SIG and taking an active part in its activities should contact the chairs or join the Google group TeacherEdSIG_EuroCALL



  • Euline Cutrim Schmid,  University of Education Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
  • Shona Whyte, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France. Email: whyte@unice.fr

Past events

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