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Wednesday, 20 August 2014
General Conference Registration (Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5)General Conference Registration 8:30 AM-6:00 PM
For workshops: Register in advance!
Workshop programme
Workshop 1: Virtual World SIG Workshop - Machinima Videos for Teaching and LearningSusanna NocchiFull-day workshopVirtual World SIG Workshop: Machinima Videos for Teaching and LearningSusanna Nocchi; Alina Horlescu Workshop 2: Agile user-centred design for CALL - A practical workshopDavid BishAgile user-centred design for CALL - A practical workshopDavid Bish; Marc Holgate; Ravi Chopra
Lunch (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)
Workshop programme
Workshop 1: Virtual World SIG Workshop - Machinima Videos for Teaching and Learning (cont'd)Susanna NocchiFull-day workshop Workshop 3: SpeakApps - Practicing Oral Skills OnlineJeroen van EngenSpeakApps Workshop: Practicing Oral Skills OnlineJeroen van Engen; Colm Ó Ciardubháin; Adriana Prizel-Kania; Sake Jager; Jackie Robbins; Mairead Nic Giollamhichil Workshop 4: Bring your own device to language class - applying handheld devices in classroom learningTord TalmoBring your own device to language class - applying handheld devices in classroom learningTord Talmo; Robin Støckert; Even Einum
ReCALL Editorial Board meeting (A12)For board members only
Welcome Reception
Welcome Reception (Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5)Welcome by Professor Elmer Sterken, Rector University of Groningen
Meet other delegates
Snacks and drinks provided
Thursday, 21 August 2014
General Conference Registration (Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5)General Conference Registration 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony (Offerhauszaal)Sake JagerOpening of the conference by Dr Françoise Blin, President of EUROCALL
Welcome by Professor S. Poppema, President University of Groningen
Graham Davies Keynote: Carol A. Chapelle (Offerhauszaal)Françoise BlinArguments for Technology and Language LearningCarol A. Chapelle
Commercial exhibition (Academiegebouw)
Refreshment break
Refreshment break (Bruinszaal)
Thu - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
Session 1-SYM (A900)Gary MotteramGames and Virtual Worlds (Symposium)The Euroversity Good Practice Framework and its application to minority languages and elder learnersGary Motteram; Ton Koenraad; Kristi Jauregi Ondarra; Hanna Outakoski; Judith Molka-Danielsen; Christel Schneider
Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-1 (30 minutes)
Session 1-1AChristine AppelCourse design (Reflective practice)Report from Middle Earth: Using Blogs to Bring Fanfiction into the Language ClassroomShannon Sauro; Björn Sundmark Session 1-1BPaul LyddonMALL (Reflective practice)Towards a framework for evaluating language learning mobile appsFernando Rosell-Aguilar Session 1-1CAlex BoultonICALL (Research and development)Developing an NLP pipeline for automatic document enrichment and exercise generationHans Paulussen Session 1-1DLinda BradleyOpen Education (Research and development)Design for Open CoursewareChristoph Zahner; Hazel Zheng Session 1-1EMarjolijn VerspoorSLA principles (Research)Design and empirical evaluation of controlled L2 practice through mini-games—moving beyond drill-and-kill?Frederik Cornillie; Piet Desmet Session 1-1FKent AndersenProfessional development (Research)Social Presence and Participation Patterns of EFL Teacher Trainees in a Blended-Learning ContextH. Müge Satar; Sumru Akcan Session 1-1GSylvi VigmoTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of student participants’ contribution to carrying out an online international collaborative project on educationChizuko Suzuki; Kenichi Ishida; Shota Yoshihara; Klaudia Schultheis; Barbara Riedhammer
Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-2 (30 minutes)
Session 1-2AChristine AppelCourse design (Reflective practice)Differentiated forms of feedback for writing and speaking skills in an output-oriented approachRonald Ohlsen; Jeroen van Engen Session 1-2BPaul LyddonMALL (Reflective practice)Medical students' perception of mobile learning content for their autonomous English studyJun Iwata; Shudong Wang; John Telloyan; John Clayton Session 1-2CAlex BoultonICALL (Research and development)A New Approach to Vowel VisualizationHarold H Hendricks Session 1-2DLinda BradleyOpen Education (Research and development)The role of MOOCs in foreign language learning: laying the foundationsRubén Chacón-Beltrán Session 1-2EMarjolijn VerspoorSLA principles (Research)The effects and functions of speaker status in CALL-oriented communitiesJudith Buendgens-Kosten Session 1-2FKent AndersenProfessional development (Research)Investigating EFL teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge: Students’ perceptionsJun-Jie Tseng Session 1-2GSylvi VigmoTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)A blip on the landscape: Current issues in the design, sustainability and impact of telecollaborationFrancesca Helm
Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-3 (30 minutes)
Session 1-3AChristine AppelCourse design (Reflective practice)Designing a task based curriculum for intensive language trainingsJoost Elshoff Session 1-3BPaul LyddonMALL (Reflective practice)Impact of a Blended Environment with m-Learning on EFL SkillsHiroyuki Obari; Stephen Lambacher Session 1-3CAlex BoultonICALL (Research)Automatic Feedback on Spoken Dutch of Low-Educated Learners: An ASR-based CALL studyBart Penning de Vries; Catia Cucchiarini; Stephen Bodnar; Helmer Strik; Roeland van Hout Session 1-3DLinda BradleyOpen Education (Research)The Language Learning Potential of Repurposed MOOCsLiam Murray Session 1-3EMarjolijn VerspoorSLA principles (Research)Eye movements during L2 SCMC: An examination of primed productionBryan Smith; Marije Michel Session 1-3FKent AndersenProfessional development (Research) Session 1-3GSylvi VigmoTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)Growing like TopsyTeresa MacKinnon
Lunch (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)
Thu - Parallel Sessions 2-1 (45 minutes)
Session 2-1APeppi TaalasCourse design (Research and development)Collaborative enquiry through the tabletop for second language learnersMei LIN; Anne Preston ; Ahmed Kharrufa Session 2-1BSylvi VigmoICALL (Research and development)Feedback to Grammatical Errors in German as Second Language Focused on the Learner’s Personal Acquisition LevelKarin Harbusch; Christel-Joy Cameran; Johannes Härtel Session 2-1CBreffni O'RourkeCorpora (Research and development)Discovering English with the Sketch EngineJames Thomas Session 2-1DSylvie ThouësnyOpen Education (Research and development)MOOCing language learning: reconsidering elearning issuesChristine Appel; Mar Gutiérrez-Colón; Joan-Tomàs Pujolà Session 2-1EMarie-Josée HamelSLA principles (Research)Negotiation of meaning in video-conferencing: The potential of online chats for student interactionsMartina Simone Kopf Session 2-1FShona WhyteProfessional development (Research)A framework for multiliteracy training in the context of technology enhanced language learningMirjam Hauck; Malgorzata Kurek Session 2-1GFrancesca HelmTelecollaboration (Research)Action Research: Developing five language skills through SkypeShih-Yin (Stella) Hsu ; Robert E. Beasley Session 2-1HFrederik CornillieGames and Virtual Worlds (Research)Language Learning in Virtual Worlds: Designing for Languaging. The role of affordances.Susanna Nocchi Session 2-1IThomas RobbInstruction models (Research)How Quizlet has Transformed the Mindset of 400 Students in a Blended Learning Test-Based Course in JapanBruce Lander
Thu - Parallel Sessions 2-2 (45 minutes)
Session 2-2APeppi TaalasCourse design (Research and development)The importance of feedback in successful CALL project designPasi Puranen; Berit Peltonen; Lis Auvinen Session 2-2BSylvi VigmoMALL (Research and development)Context-aware writing support for SNS: Connecting formal and informal learningIkumi Waragai; Shuichi Kurabayashi; Tatsuya Ohta; Marco Raindl; Yasushi Kiyoki; Hideyuki Tokuda Session 2-2CBreffni O'RourkeCorpora (Research)Responses to Apologies in English: A Corpus-Based StudyS. Kathleen Kitao; Kenji Kitao Session 2-2DSylvie ThouësnyOpen Education (Research)Motivation in a MOOC: understanding the learners in an open courseTita Beaven; Tatiana Codreanu; Alix Creuzé Session 2-2EMarie-Josée HamelSLA principles (Research)Language Practice and Tutorial CALLMathias Schulze Session 2-2FShona WhyteProfessional development (Research)Fostering collaboration in CALL: Benefits and challenges of using virtual language resource centersLiliana Cuesta Medina; Patricia Alvarez Ayure Session 2-2GFrancesca HelmIntegration (Research)Blended language learning program evaluation: a case study of ChileMónica Stella Cárdenas-Claros; Marianna Oyanedel Session 2-2HFrederik CornillieGames and Virtual Worlds (Research)A case study on English language learners’ task-based interaction and avatar identities in Second Life: A mixed-methods designJulian Chen Session 2-2IThomas RobbInstruction models (Research)Computer Based Independent Language Learning versus Teacher - Fronted Language LearningMufeeda Irshad; Marjolijn Verspoor
Thu - Poster Session I / Refreshments
Poster Session I (Academiegebouw)A Follow-Up Study of the Facebook Project for Japanese University Students: Has It Been Enhancing Student Interaction, Learner Autonomy, and English Learning?Mayumi HamadaA matter of speaking. Creating an online platform for teaching oral communication skillsBart Pardoel; Joost ElshoffContextual language learning: Educational potential and use of social networking technology in higher educationChung-Kai Huang; Chun-Yu Lin; Daniel Steve VillarrealEffect of Computer Spell-checking and Phonic Applications on the Phonographic Errors of Igbo Learners’ of English and FrenchEvelyn Mbah; Modesta Iloene; Ngozi OgbodoEFL learners’ perceived use of conversation maintenance strategies during synchronous computer mediated communication with native English speakersAtsushi IinoFive Fundamental Websites for the Foreign Language TeacherBruce Lander Going paperless with mobiles: Pitfalls and benefits!Jaime SelwoodImplementation and Student Reception of Tablet PC based Annotation and Mark-up of CompositionsBernd ConradJapanese Learners’ Attitudes towards Online CorporaYoko Hirata; Yoshihiro HirataOrganization of writing class by combining on-line automatic evaluation system and discourse theory - Criterion and Topical Structure AnalysisIwao YamashitaThe LMS development for a blended EFL e-learning: open questionsTakeshi Okada; Yasunobu Sakamoto; Kensuke SugiuraThe results are in! What worked and didn't with a large moodle application.Thomas GoetzWhat a voice-based chat room and a text-based forum can do for a language learning course in the Chinese online learning context?Ligao WuTandem eLearning Italian-DutchMaaike Dicke
Thu - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
Session 3-SYM (A900)Shona WhyteProfessional development (Symposium)CALL teacher education for tomorrow's world: designing courses for future teaching contextsShona Whyte; Leena Kuure; Tuomo Koivisto; Maritta Riekki; Muriel Grosbois; Cédric Sarré; Fiona Farr; Elaine Riordan
Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-1 (30 minutes)
Session 3-1ALiam MurraySpecific skills (Research)Effects of Different Input Delivery Modes on Turkish EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension: A Meta-AnalysisVolkan Incecay; Zeynep Kocoglu Session 3-1BFernando Rosell-AguilarMALL (Reflective practice)Reactions to iPads and eBooksDavid Bramley; Tamara Swenson; Steve Cornwell; Brian Teaman; Kazuko Tojo; Brad Visgatis Session 3-1CJohn GillespieIntegration (Research)Are we there yet? Normalising CALL in the context of primary languages in England.Monika Pazio Session 3-1DTita BeavenOpen Education (Reflective practice)‘Sizing up’ the online course: adapting learning design to meet growing participant numbersJulie Watson Session 3-1EWander LowieSLA-principlesEvaluation of a web conferencing tool and collaborative tasks in an online Chinese courseSijia Guo Session 3-1FJeroen van EngenGames and Virtual Worlds (Reflective practice)L2 Immersion in 3D Virtual Worlds: The Next Thing to Being There?Edith Paillat Session 3-1GTeresa MacKinnonTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)Tableaux vivants as vehicles for cultural exchangeJoseph Dias
Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-2 (30 minutes)
Session 3-2ALiam MurraySpecific skills (Research)Academic blogging and academic writing in English as a first and second language – same or different?Irina Elgort Session 3-2BFernando Rosell-AguilarMALL (Reflective practice)Using iPads to help young learners design their own MALL activitiesJoshua Underwood Session 3-2CJohn GillespieIntegration (Research)Learning Strategies and Motivation of Procrastinators’ English Proficiency LevelsYoshiko Goda; Masanori Yamada; Takeshi Matsuda; Hiroshi Kato; Yutaka Saito; Hiroyuki Miyagawa Session 3-2DTita BeavenOpen Education (Research and development)Contribution of the analysis of Web 2.0 practices for the integration of Open Educative Resources in a language learning ecosystem. The example of the Innovalangues projectMathieu Loiseau; Sophie Othman Session 3-2EWander LowieSLA principles (Reflective practice)From theory to practice : a 3 year longitudinal study of students' representations of a task-based blended learning programmeJulie McAllister Session 3-2FJeroen van EngenGames and Virtual Worlds (Research)Real Learners - Real Schools - Virtual WorldsHelen Myers Session 3-2GTeresa MacKinnonTelecollaboration (Research and development)Social Networking Sites for learners at beginner level: an alternative use of FBTiziana Carpi
Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-3 (30 minutes)
Session 3-3ALiam MurraySpecific skills (Research)The development of metacognition through the use of online oral presentations: the case of ELT adult learners in ChileMarianna Oyanedel Session 3-3BFernando Rosell-AguilarMALL (Reflective practice)Pedagogical added value of mobile web devices to enhance students’ language production in real-life contextsLeen Stevens Session 3-3CJohn GillespieIntegration (Research) Session 3-3DTita BeavenOpen Education (Reflective practice)Creating Tasks in a Less-Commonly Taught Language for an Open Educational Resource: Why the CEFR is important for IrishColm Ó Ciardubháin; Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl Session 3-3EWander LowieSLA principles (Research and development)The true power of CALL: Applying theory to practice in CALL designGabriela Adela Gánem-Gutiérrez Session 3-3FJeroen van EngenGames and Virtual Worlds (Reflective practice) Session 3-3GTeresa MacKinnonTelecollaboration (Research)Online Communication Culture: Netiquette Awareness in CALL ContextSara Farshad Nia; Susan Marandi
Thu - SIG Meetings I
Thu - Social Event
Social Event – Reception Groninger Museum (Groninger Museum)Introduction to the building and its collection
Free access to the museum
Drinks and snacks
Friday, 22 August 2014
Registration (Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5)Late conference registration 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Fri - Parallel Sessions 4-1 (45 minutes)
Session 4-1AMirjam HauckIntercultural competence (Research)Learners’ linguistic choices in their cultural discussions: Attitudes and perceptions towards the first and target cultureAna Oskoz; Olimpia Pérez-Broncano Session 4-1BSalomi Papadima-SophocleousIntegration (Research)Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and CALL Usage: A GCC-wide StudyMohammad M. Etedali Session 4-1CGisela RedekereLiteracy (Research)Digital literacies for learning: empowering HE students in using the Internet and social media for continuous learning and professional developmentIlona Laakkonen Session 4-1DOranna SpeicherOpen Education (Research and development)Investigating an Open Methodology for Designing Domain-specific Language CollectionsAlannah Fitzgerald; Martin Barge; William Tweddle; Saima Sherazi Session 4-1ETon KoenraadCANCELLED SLA Principles(Research)Japanese Speakers’ Apologies in English: A Study Based on a Spoken CorpusS. Kathleen Kitao; Kenji Kitao Session 4-1FJackie RobbinsCourse design (Research and development)Corpus-based Learning of Cantonese for Mandarin SpeakersJohn Lee; Tak-sum Wong Session 4-1GJoan-Tomàs PujolàGames and Virtual Worlds (Research and development)Semiotic remediation and language learning through place-based plurilingual gamingSteven Thorne; Julie Sykes Session 4-1HJane VintherCALL Research(Research)Linking CALL and SLA: Using the IRIS database to locate research instrumentsZoe Handley; Emma Marsden Session 4-1IFrancesca HelmSpecific skills (Research)Student engagement in learning vocabulary with CALLRobert Stroud
Fri - Parallel Sessions 4-2 (45 minutes)
Session 4-2AMirjam HauckIntercultural competences (Research and development)Task design for intercultural telecollaboration in secondary schools. Insights from the EU TILA projectPetra Hoffstaedter; Kurt Kohn Session 4-2BSalomi Papadima-SophocleousIntegration (Research)Integrating CALL in ESOL Classrooms: Understanding Teachers’ Perspectives and Meeting Students’ NeedsSara Farshad Nia Session 4-2CGisela RedekereLiteracy (Research)Using screen capture technology in L2 writing classrooms: Students' perspectivesMarie-Josée Hamel; Jérémie Séror; Chantal Dion Session 4-2DOranna SpeicherOpen Education (Research and development)To be Deaf and to learn foreign languages in a (m)OOC featuring two sign languages and two written languagesSiglinde Pape; Thierry Chanier Session 4-2ETon KoenraadSLA principles (Research)Analysing target language interaction in IWB-mediated activities: from drills to tasks in state secondary EFL classesShona Whyte; Euline Cutrim Schmid; Gary Beauchamp Session 4-2FJackie RobbinsCourse design (Research)Supporting Content and Language Integrated Learning through TechnologyAna Gimeno; Caoimhín Ó Dónaill; Kent Andersen Session 4-2GJoan-Tomàs PujolàGames and Virtual Worlds (Research and development)Innovative training of oral communication: Berlin KompassLaura Pihkala-Posti Session 4-2HJane VintherCALL Research (Research)Research at EUROCALL: 21 Years of Progress? Part 2John Gillespie Session 4-2IFrancesca HelmSpecific skills (Research)Use Quizlet to Increase Your Students’ Vocabulary GainsBob Ashcroft
Refreshment break
Refreshment break (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)
Fri - Keynote presentation
Keynote presentation: Bart Rienties (Offerhauszaal)Sake JagerUnderstanding (in)formal learning and social interactions: from principles to practices in learning analyticsBart Rienties
Annual General Meeting
EUROCALL AGMFrançoise BlinEUROCALL Annual General Meeting
Lunch (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)
Fri - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
Session 5-SYM (A900)Sylvi VigmoOpen Education (Symposium)OER: insights into a multilingual landscapeKaterina Zourou; Sylvi Vigmo; Kate Borthwick; Linda Bradley; Tita Beaven
Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-1 (30 minutes)
Session 5-1AFiona FarreLiteracy (Reflective Practice)Digital Storytelling Using Graded Readers and PowerPointKazumichi Enokida Session 5-1BEstelle MeimaMALL (Reflective practice)Normalizing Autonomous Mobile Technology Use in the Language Learning ClassroomPaul Lyddon Session 5-1CMathias SchulzeSpecific skills (Research)Adapting to the medium of delivery and collaboration features in a CMS: An analysis of learners’ perceptions in online writing assignmentsCristina Pardo; Adolfo Carrillo Session 5-1DAdriana Prizel-KaniaCANCELLEDPortuguese as a foreign language - online materialsMaria Marçalo; Ana Alexandra Silva Session 5-1EGerdientje OggelProfessional development (Research and development)“Learning as they go”: In-service Teachers Learning to TelecollaborateRobert O'Dowd Session 5-1FJoshua UnderwoodCourse design (Research)Authentic oral language production and interaction in CALL: A conceptual framework for the use of learning analytics within the SpeakApps projectMairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl; Jeroen van Engen; Colm Ó Ciardúbháin; Gearóid Ó Cleircín; Christine Appel Session 5-1GRonald OhlsenInstruction models (Research)Instructional interaction development and its effects in online foreign language learningRong Zhao
Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-2 (30 minutes)
Session 5-2AFiona FarreLiteracy (Research and development)Getting off the Straight and Narrow: Exploiting Non-Linear, Interactive Narrative Structures in Digital Stories for Language TeachingAndrew Prosser Session 5-2BEstelle MeimaMALL (Reflective practice)Mobile Voting Tools for Creating Collaboration Environment and a New Educational Design of the University LectureSvetlana Titova Session 5-2CMathias SchulzeSpecific skills (Research and development)Strenghtening students’ interactional competence in Italian L2 exploiting a corpus of video-recorded spontaneous interactions.Maria Eleonora Sciubba Session 5-2DAdriana Prizel-KaniaIntegration (Reflective practice)Building online communities on social networking sites: a case-study of the TV5MONDE Facebook pageCatherine Jeanneau Session 5-2EGerdientje OggelProfessional development (Research)ICT in EFL: the global effect of new technologies in the language classroom.Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous; Christina Nicole Giannikas; Elis Kakoulli Constantinou Session 5-2FJoshua UnderwoodCourse design (Research and development)Challenges and opportunities for business communication: A Facebook approach conundrumChung-Kai Huang; Chun-Yu Lin; Daniel Steve Villarreal Session 5-2GRonald OhlsenInstruction models (Research)Educational Engineering as Instructional Design Model and Research MethodJozef Colpaert
Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-3 (30 minutes)
Session 5-3AFiona FarreLiteracy (Research) Session 5-3BEstelle MeimaMALL (Research and development)Guiding learners to near native fluency in English though an adaptive programme of activities which includes phoneme and prosody analysisAlistair Lawson; Ann Attridge Session 5-3CMathias SchulzeSpecific skills (Research and development)The provision of pronunciation feedback types to EFL learners in SVCMC (synchronous voice computer mediated communication)Chao-Jung Ko Session 5-3DAdriana Prizel-KaniaIntegration (Reflective practice)The use of a wiki at a college in Hungary as a tool to enhance personal learningReka Asztalos Session 5-3EGerdientje OggelProfessional development (Research and development)Wiki-based collaborative writing activities in EFL classroom: Exploring teachers’ intervention in the collaborative processMaha Alghasab Session 5-3FJoshua UnderwoodCourse design (Research and development)Implementing streaming video in academic language programs: the VIDEO.DE projectJelena Vranjes; Geert Brône; Kurt Feyaerts; Hans Paulussen Session 5-3GAnje DijkInstruction models (Reflective practice)The Shared Course Initiative: A collaborative model to support the instruction of less commonly taught languages across institutionsStephane Charitos; Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl
Fri - Poster Session II / Refreshments
Poster Session II (Academiegebouw)Engineering Students’ Attitudes towards an Online Discussion BoardYoshihiro Hirata; Yoko HirataThe impact of smartphone dictionary apps on EFL learningToshiko Koyamamobile applications for critical and less commonly taught languagesElena OsinskyTelecollaborative desktop-videoconferencing exchange: the case of MarkVéronique MartinDevelopment of an automatic judging system for determining the difficulty levels of English audio materialsHironobu Okazaki; Kanji Watanabe; Shinichi Hashimoto; Mitsuko Suzuki; Eri Fukuda; Kazuhiko KidoSituated e-learning practices across bordersNeil Cowie; Keiko SakuiCALL for Specific Contexts and Purposes in VelloreV Anitha DeviAn Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Chinese with a Cognitive Model of the LearnerMichał Kosek; Pierre LisonInvestigating the Effects of Summary Writing on Oral Proficiency Performance Within a Computer-based Test for Integrated Listening-speaking TasksYanfei Wang; Zhihong Lu; Qian LiMultimodality and Machinima PosterAlina HorlescuDiagnostic CALL tool for Arabic LearnersMajed Alsabaan; Allan RamsayLanguage Learning 2.0 - International Collaboration Made EasyNatasha Doshi; Tuula-Harriet KotikoskiGrammarMapsCarlos Montoro
Fri - Symposium (90 minutes)
Session 6-SYM (A900)Françoise BlinCALL Research (Symposium)Editors' panel: trends, expectations, and processes in CALL journalsMathias Schulze; Bryan Smith; Françoise Blin; Alex Boulton
Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-1 (30 minutes)
Session 6-1ARobert O'DowdTelecollaboration (Research)Social networking: Developing intercultural competence and fostering autonomous learningRuby Vurdien Session 6-1BHans PaulussenMALL (Research and development)Seamless integration of desktop and mobile learning experience through an ontology-based adaptation engine. Report of a pilot-project.Marco Mercurio ; Ilaria Torre; Simone Torsani Session 6-1CMohammad M. EtedaliInstruction models (Research and development)Processes of teacher and student development: Collaboration and autonomy in the digital class-room.Jane Vinther Session 6-1DCatherine JeanneauAssessment (Research and development)Encouraging self-directed group learning through an e-portfolio systemEri Fukuda; Mitsuko Suzuki; Shinichi Hashimoto; Hironobu Okazaki Session 6-1ESteven ThorneGames and Virtual Worlds (Research and development)The 7 Keys of the Dragon: An e-learning game-like environment for Albanian and RussianAnthi Revithiadou; Vasilia Kourtis-Kazoullis; Maria Soukalopoulou; Konstantinos Konstantoudakis; Christos Zarras; Nestoras Pelesoglou Session 6-1FJuan Albá DuranCourse design (Research and development)MALL in the wild: Learners’ designs for scaffolding vocabulary learning trajectoriesJoshua Underwood; Rosemary Luckin; Niall Winters Session 6-1GWander LowieEuropean projectsEU Life-Long learning project: MAGICC – Modularising Multilingual and Multicultural Academic Communication CompetenceJeroen van Engen; Estelle Meima
Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-2 (30 minutes)
Session 6-2ARobert O'DowdTelecollaboration (Research)An international student collaborative blog: linguistic and cross-cultural perspectivesRhonwen Bowen; Annika Lantz-Andersson; Sylvi Vigmo Session 6-2BHans PaulussenMALL (Research and development)Technological Applications for Language Education: Preliminary Conclusions after the Design and Implementation of Mobile Learning Language Apps for ProfessionalsMaria Dolores Castrillo; Elena Bárcena; Antonio Pareja-Lora Session 6-2CMohammad M. EtedaliInstruction models (Research)Is ICT really essential for learning? Perceptions and uses of ICTs for language acquisition in secondary level environments.Silvia Benini Session 6-2DCatherine JeanneauAssessment (Research and development)Multilevel monitoring of language developmentHilde Hacquebord Session 6-2ESteven ThorneGames and Virtual Worlds (Research and development)Computer games for language learning - the child's perspectiveGene Dalton Session 6-2FJuan Albá DuranCourse design (Research)Patterns and Effectiveness of Mobile Device Usage by Japanese Undergraduates for L2 Acquisition PurposesJames Pagel; Stephen Lambacher Session 6-2GWander LowieCANCELLED European projectsLanguage Learning with Machinima: Learner Creativity and User-generated Video ProductionMichael Thomas
Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-3 (30 minutes)
Session 6-3ARobert O'DowdeLiteracy (Reflective practice)The XML project: digital literacy and learning design in a Spanish ab initio curriculumKate Borthwick; Irina Nelson Session 6-3BHans PaulussenMALL (Research and development)Class “Home” Sites/LMSs on Mobile DevicesIan Brown Session 6-3CMohammad M. EtedaliInstruction models (Research)Marching from the inner voice: A layered approach with an integration of drama and computer-assisted pronunciation trainings to pronunciation pedagogyPi-hua Tsai Session 6-3DCatherine JeanneauAssessment (Research and development)Classroom Peer Assessment Using Mobile DevicesWilliam Pellowe; Trevor Holster Session 6-3ESteven ThorneGames and Virtual Worlds (Research and Development)Exploring the Impact of ‘Gamified’ Online Language Practice on Student MotivationNadezda Novakovic; Evan Rubin Session 6-3FJuan Albá DuranCourse design (Research)Modelling typical online language learning activityCarlos Montoro; Regine Hampel; Ursula Stickler Session 6-3GWander LowieEuropean projectsSpeakApps 2: Speaking practice in a foreign language through ICT toolsChristine Appel; Mairead Nic Giolla Mhichíl; Sake Jager; Adriana Prizel-Kania
NAT REP Meeting (to be confirmed)
EUROCALL National Representatives Meeting (A901)
Fri - SIG Meetings II
TeacherEd SIG Corpus CALL SIG Virtual World SIG
Fri - Social Event
Social event - Conference Dinner Huize MaasConference dinner, drinks included (until 22:30)
Music and dance: The Outtakes
Saturday, 23 August 2014
Sat - Keynote presentation
Keynote presentation: John H.A.L. de Jong (Offerhauszaal)Innovative Items – Measuring Something More or DifferentJohn H.A.L. de Jong
Refreshment break
Refreshment break (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)
Sat - Parallel Sessions 7-1 (30 minutes)
Session 7-1ABryan SmithTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)Balancing the unbalance: a telecollaboration project between language learners and pre-service teachersJuan Alba; Carolina Fernández; Gerdientje Oggel; Joan-Tomàs Pujola Session 7-1BMarjolijn VerspoorSpecific skills (Research)Effects of Online Translation on Morphosyntactic and Lexical-Pragmatic Accuracy in Essay Writing in Spanish as a Foreign LanguageKent Fredholm Session 7-1CHarold H HendricksCorpora (Research and development)Spoken corpora and new technologies in the teaching of fluency for conversational interaction in EnglishInmaculada Senra-Silva Session 7-1DMartine SwennenAssessment (Research)Applying dynamic assessment principles to online peer revisions in written English for specific purposesSylvie Thouësny; Linda Bradley Session 7-1EJeroen van EngenCANCELLEDSocial networked game dynamics in web 2.0 language learning communitiesKaterina Zourou; Marie-Noëlle Lamy Session 7-1FColm Ó CiardúbháinCourse design (Reflective practice)Online Estonian language learningMaarika Teral; Sirje Rammo Session 7-1GJudith Buendgens-KostenEuropean projectsSEAGULL - Smart Educational Autonomy Through Guided Language LearningAndrea Ruth
Sat - Parallel Sessions 7-2 (30 minutes)
Session 7-2ABryan SmithTelecollaboration (Reflective practice)Reflection on the complexity of managing a tutor-tutee online exchangeMarie-Josée Hamel; Françoise Blin; Nicolas Guichon Session 7-2BMarjolijn VerspoorSpecific skills (Research)Vocabulary Acquisition of Italian Using Digital MediaEva Hirzinger-Unterrainer Session 7-2CHarold H HendricksCorpora (Research and development)Partial and synchronized captioning: A new tool for second language listening developmentMaryam Sadat Mirzaei; Yuya Akita; Tatsuya kawahara Session 7-2DMartine SwennenAssessment (Research)Using the Standard Settings from A Manual for the Validation of a Language Proficiency Test on Reading and ListeningYta Beetsma; Engelien De Jong; Estelle Meima; Angela Ashworth Session 7-2EJeroen van EngenInstruction models (Research)The alignment of language learning methodologies with the collaborative self-directed model of Bridge21Ciarán Bauer; Dr. Ann Devitt; Brendan Tangney Session 7-2FColm Ó CiardúbháinCourse design (Reflective practice)Developing and evaluating a multimodal course format: “Danish for knowledge workers – work-related Danish”.Karen-Margrete Frederiksen; Katja Årosin Laursen Session 7-2GJudith Buendgens-KostenEuropean projectsPETALL - Pan-European Task Activities for Language LearningAntónio Lopes
Sat - Parallel Session 7-3 (30 minutes)
Session 7-3ABryan SmithTelecollaboration (Research)Chat in a blended course on intercultural communication: A study of student engagementHelen O'Sullivan; Gillian Martin; Breffni O'Rourke Session 7-3BMarjolijn VerspoorSpecific skills (Research and development)Design and user evaluation of a mobile app to teach Chinese characters.Fernando Rosell-Aguilar; Qian Kan Session 7-3CHarold H HendricksSpecific skills (Research) Session 7-3DMartine SwennenAssessment (Research and development)Chinese Pronunciation and Romanization Tutorials and Diagnostic TestsDevin Asay Session 7-3EJeroen van EngenMALL (Research)Context-Awareness in Mobile Language LearningMajid Fatahipour; Mahnaz Ghaseminajm Session 7-3FColm Ó CiardúbháinCourse design (Research and development)Mobile Purposive-intensive-podcast-listening versus Mobile Self-regulated-podcast-development: A Critical Framework for Designing Foreign Language ListeningSerkan Sendag Session 7-3GJudith Buendgens-KostenSLA Principles (Research)
Closing ceremony
Closing ceremony (Aula)Marjolijn VerspoorPoster awards
Conference report by Steve Thorne, Ana Gimeno-Sanz and Josef Colpaert
Hand-over to Padova, EUROCALL2015 organiser
Conference closing
Lunch (take away) (Bruinszaal/Spiegelzaal)


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