At-a-Glance Program

Wednesday, 20 August
09:00–18:00General Conference Registration
10:00–13:00Workshop programme
 Workshop 1: Virtual World SIG Workshop - Machinima Videos for Teaching and Learning
 Workshop 2: Agile user-centred design for CALL - A practical workshop
14:00–17:00Workshop programme
 Workshop 1: Virtual World SIG Workshop - Machinima Videos for Teaching and Learning (cont'd)
 Workshop 3: SpeakApps - Practicing Oral Skills Online
 Workshop 4: Bring your own device to language class - applying handheld devices in classroom learning
15:30–17:00ReCALL Editorial Board meeting
17:00–18:30Welcome Reception
 Welcome Reception
Thursday, 21 August
 General Conference Registration
09:00–09:45Opening Ceremony
 Opening Ceremony
09:45–10:45Graham Davies Keynote: Carol A. Chapelle
10:45–18:00Commercial exhibition
10:45–11:15Refreshment break
 Refreshment break
11:15–12:45Thu - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
 Session 1-SYM
11:15–11:45Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-1 (30 minutes)
 Session 1-1A
 Session 1-1B
 Session 1-1C
 Session 1-1D
 Session 1-1E
 Session 1-1F
 Session 1-1G
11:45–12:15Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-2 (30 minutes)
 Session 1-2A
 Session 1-2B
 Session 1-2C
 Session 1-2D
 Session 1-2E
 Session 1-2F
 Session 1-2G
12:15–12:45Thu - Parallel Sessions 1-3 (30 minutes)
 Session 1-3A
 Session 1-3B
 Session 1-3C
 Session 1-3D
 Session 1-3E
 Session 1-3F
 Session 1-3G
13:45–14:30Thu - Parallel Sessions 2-1 (45 minutes)
 Session 2-1A
 Session 2-1B
 Session 2-1C
 Session 2-1D
 Session 2-1E
 Session 2-1F
 Session 2-1G
 Session 2-1H
 Session 2-1I
14:30–15:15Thu - Parallel Sessions 2-2 (45 minutes)
 Session 2-2A
 Session 2-2B
 Session 2-2C
 Session 2-2D
 Session 2-2E
 Session 2-2F
 Session 2-2G
 Session 2-2H
 Session 2-2I
15:15–15:45Thu - Poster Session I / Refreshments
 Poster Session I
15:45–17:15Thu - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
 Session 3-SYM
15:45–16:15Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-1 (30 minutes)
 Session 3-1A
 Session 3-1B
 Session 3-1C
 Session 3-1D
 Session 3-1E
 Session 3-1F
 Session 3-1G
16:15–16:45Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-2 (30 minutes)
 Session 3-2A
 Session 3-2B
 Session 3-2C
 Session 3-2D
 Session 3-2E
 Session 3-2F
 Session 3-2G
16:45–17:15Thu - Parallel Sessions 3-3 (30 minutes)
 Session 3-3A
 Session 3-3B
 Session 3-3C
 Session 3-3D
 Session 3-3E
 Session 3-3F
 Session 3-3G
17:15–18:00Thu - SIG Meetings I
18:30–20:00Thu - Social Event
 Social Event – Reception Groninger Museum
Friday, 22 August
08:30–09:15Fri - Parallel Sessions 4-1 (45 minutes)
 Session 4-1A
 Session 4-1B
 Session 4-1C
 Session 4-1D
 Session 4-1E
 Session 4-1F
 Session 4-1G
 Session 4-1H
 Session 4-1I
09:15–10:00Fri - Parallel Sessions 4-2 (45 minutes)
 Session 4-2A
 Session 4-2B
 Session 4-2C
 Session 4-2D
 Session 4-2E
 Session 4-2F
 Session 4-2G
 Session 4-2H
 Session 4-2I
10:00–10:30Refreshment break
 Refreshment break
10:30–11:30Fri - Keynote presentation
 Keynote presentation: Bart Rienties
11:30–12:30Annual General Meeting
13:30–15:00Fri - SYMPOSIUM (90 minutes)
 Session 5-SYM
13:30–14:00Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-1 (30 minutes)
 Session 5-1A
 Session 5-1B
 Session 5-1C
 Session 5-1D
 Session 5-1E
 Session 5-1F
 Session 5-1G
14:00–14:30Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-2 (30 minutes)
 Session 5-2A
 Session 5-2B
 Session 5-2C
 Session 5-2D
 Session 5-2E
 Session 5-2F
 Session 5-2G
14:30–15:00Fri - Parallel Sessions 5-3 (30 minutes)
 Session 5-3A
 Session 5-3B
 Session 5-3C
 Session 5-3D
 Session 5-3E
 Session 5-3F
 Session 5-3G
15:00–15:30Fri - Poster Session II / Refreshments
 Poster Session II
15:30–17:00Fri - Symposium (90 minutes)
 Session 6-SYM
15:30–16:00Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-1 (30 minutes)
 Session 6-1A
 Session 6-1B
 Session 6-1C
 Session 6-1D
 Session 6-1E
 Session 6-1F
 Session 6-1G
16:00–16:30Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-2 (30 minutes)
 Session 6-2A
 Session 6-2B
 Session 6-2C
 Session 6-2D
 Session 6-2E
 Session 6-2F
 Session 6-2G
16:30–17:00Fri - Parallel Sessions 6-3 (30 minutes)
 Session 6-3A
 Session 6-3B
 Session 6-3C
 Session 6-3D
 Session 6-3E
 Session 6-3F
 Session 6-3G
17:00–18:00NAT REP Meeting (to be confirmed)
 EUROCALL National Representatives Meeting
17:00–17:45Fri - SIG Meetings II
 TeacherEd SIG
 Corpus CALL SIG
 Virtual World SIG
19:30–23:55Fri - Social Event
 Social event - Conference Dinner Huize Maas
Saturday, 23 August
09:00–10:00Sat - Keynote presentation
 Keynote presentation: John H.A.L. de Jong
10:00–10:30Refreshment break
 Refreshment break
10:30–11:00Sat - Parallel Sessions 7-1 (30 minutes)
 Session 7-1A
 Session 7-1B
 Session 7-1C
 Session 7-1D
 Session 7-1E
 Session 7-1F
 Session 7-1G
11:00–11:30Sat - Parallel Sessions 7-2 (30 minutes)
 Session 7-2A
 Session 7-2B
 Session 7-2C
 Session 7-2D
 Session 7-2E
 Session 7-2F
 Session 7-2G
11:30–12:00Sat - Parallel Session 7-3 (30 minutes)
 Session 7-3A
 Session 7-3B
 Session 7-3C
 Session 7-3D
 Session 7-3E
 Session 7-3F
 Session 7-3G
12:00–13:00Closing ceremony
 Closing ceremony
 Lunch (take away)


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