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Situated e-learning practices across borders

Teachers and students can benefit from the recent trend of abundant digital technology available in language education in many ways: teachers can use software tools and internet sites to widen their repertoire of teaching approaches, materials and activities; and, students can practice language skills independently or with others in an increasing number of ways both in and, very importantly, outside the classroom. Many individual teachers, researchers, and publishers are experimenting with new technology to create wider learning opportunities but there are, as yet, few frameworks and examples for language teachers to use as guides to introduce e-learning to an individual classroom or across an institution. The objectives of this poster presentation are twofold: 1) to describe case studies of expert teachers from universities in six different countries (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, and the US); and 2) to propose a synthesis of the results into four models of e-learning: out-of-class; blended; project; and, online. It is hoped that these four models will be useful as a means for an individual teacher or institution to objectively assess the level of integration of technology within their teaching context. The models might also serve as a framework for technology-minded language teachers to communicate with other teachers or administrators who might not share a similar mindset.


Neil Cowie    
Language Education Centre
Okayama University

Neil Cowie is an English teacher in the Language Education Centre of Okayama University, Japan. His research interests include student motivation and resistance, examining the links between learning and student emotions, and exploring how to use e-learning in the language classroom.

Keiko Sakui    
Kobe Shoin Women's University

Keiko Sakui is Associate Professor at Kobe Shoin Women’s University. She has been a language teacher over 25 years and has taught Japanese and English in Japan, New Zealand and the United States. Her research interests include teacher beliefs and practices and learner motivation. In addition to these topics, her recent publications are on e-learning practices in different cultural contexts and female management in educational contexts from a feminist perspective.


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