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SEAGULL - Smart Educational Autonomy Through Guided Language Learning

The project SEAGULL – Smart Educational Autonomy Through Guided Language Learning (project no. 531211-LLP-1-2012-1-DE-KA2-KA2MP), funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and its Lifelong Learning Programme, aims at developing and improving language learners’ oral skills and intercultural competence through online tandem learning sessions and specifically designed supporting materials. SEAGULL aims at reviving the classical tandem learning approach and at increasing learner success by providing both students and employees outside university with topic sheets which have been developed to stimulate authentic conversations and to increase intercultural awareness and competence. All topic sheets are accompanied by additional didactic and linguistic tutorial material for the native speaker. Topic sheets including additional tutorial material are available for download on the project’s website. The website also provides a tandem learner database where potential users can register or look for European and worldwide tandem partners. The topic sheets will be available in 11 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Turkish), ranging from A1 to B2 and additional public area topic sheets. They have been designed by 20 project partners from different countries all over Europe, including Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, etc. Each partner has already developed/will be developing topic sheets for individual tandem sessions, in their native language to not only promote online tandem learning, but also to reduce dropout rates of tandem learners. The presentation will provide any interested institutions, instructors, and/or individuals with more detailed background information on the project including its key focus, didactic criteria applied when developing the topic sheets, sample topic sheets and tutorial material, access, registration and usage aspects.


Andrea Ruth    
Language Center, English Department
University of Rostock

2003 Arizona State University, AZ, USA: Sports Manangement, Sports Injuries, etc.
2005 MA degree English/American Language & Literature, Sports Science at University of Rostock, Germany
2005-2006 Crystal Cruises Inc., Los Angeles, Shore Excursions
2006-2010 Owner of 12pm Englischagentur
2010-today Language Center, University of Rostock, Germany, English Department, E- & Blended Learning
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