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Virtual World SIG Workshop: Machinima Videos for Teaching and Learning

Machinima videos can be valuable educational tools and this full-day workshop will give participants a hands-on experience of designing, creating and editing machinimas in the virtual world of SL®.
The workshop consists of four parts:
1. In the first part, the presenter will give an introduction to the use of machinimas for teaching and learning in virtual worlds, highlighting the pedagogical advantages of using this tool. Participants will then be shown one or two short machinima videos to more fully understand the potential of this technology for teaching.
2. Subsequently, participants will collaborate in scripting, storyboarding, designing and shooting their own machinima video. They will be working together in a computer lab and in Second Life® and will avail of the help and advice of the presenter, who will be in the lab with them and another expert in the field, who will be participating in-world**.
3. In the third part of the workshops, participants will edit their machinimas off-line.
4. The fourth part of the workshop will be used as a time for reflection on the experience and for comments and questions.

Participants should be residents of SL®. They should have an avatar and be able to change his/her appearance, they should know how to move around the virtual world and how to interact with the objects in the virtual world, at least at a basic level.


Susanna Nocchi    
School of Languages, Law and Society
Dublin Institute of Technology

Susanna Nocchi is a Lecturer of Italian at the School of Languages, Law and Society, in the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. She has been teaching Italian as a Foreign and Second Language in different countries (Italy, Mauritius, Iceland, India, Finland and Ireland) since 1989 and she has been working as a Lecturer in Irish third-level Institutes since 1994.
Susanna Nocchi has a Master degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, an MPhil in Applied Linguistics and she is completing a PhD in teaching and learning foreign languages in virtual worlds.
She is the current co-chair of the SIG in Virtual Worlds at EuroCALL.
Her research interests are: Computer Assisted Language Learning, Virtual Worlds and Virtuality, Game Based Learning, Teacher Training.
Susanna Nocchi has published various books for teachers and students of Italian as a Foreign Language, both in Italy and in Ireland and has held teacher training workshops and courses in different countries.

Alina Horlescu    
School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Dublin City University

Alina is a PhD researcher at DCU. Before starting her PhD, she taught English as a Second and Foreign Language in Romania, the USA and Ireland.

Alina holds the Cambridge CELTA and has an M. Phil. degree in English Language Teaching. At the moment, she's in the second year of her PhD which investigates the knowledge that should be part of language educators' TPACK in order for them to be able to create rich multimodal ensembles.


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