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CALL for Specific Contexts and Purposes in Vellore

Computer Assisted Language Learning for specific contexts at VIT University has been introduced to faculty and students for the purpose of second language learning. VIT University, though in Vellore, has supported the use of technology greatly in language teaching and learning. But in certain institutions in nearby rural areas in Vellore many young teachers and trainees do not know much about CALL and the purpose of digital education. The opinion obtained through a questionnaire from these stakeholders will throw light on their requirement for hands on training in CALL. The paper also discusses the three synchronous CALL Lab design at VIT University. It was implemented with purpose of offering one credit as part of all the English courses of B. Tech, M. Tech, B.B.A, B.Sc., BCA, M.Sc., and MCA programmes. CALL design, independent use of the CALL lab, have been
taken up by a few teachers. They use technology for teaching English as a second language. CALL can be used to reinforce what has been learnt and the study in context reveals the benefits of CALL system in VIT throws light to budding teachers the purpose of using CALL and what they can learn from this context.


V Anitha Devi    
School of Social Sciences and Languages, English Division-1
VIT University

Dr. V. Anitha Devi, Assistant Professor (Sr.), School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. She has been an adept in training teachers and BRTEs in DIET to use technology in language classes. She has done her research in Computer Assisted Language Learning from Anna University. Organizing and participating in International Conferences, guiding researchers and writing articles on Web 2.0, Educational Psychology, Culture, Literature and CALL for journals are her recent fortes. She is an associate member and faculty coordinator of IEEE-PCS VIT Student’s Chapter.


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