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Mobile Purposive-intensive-podcast-listening versus Mobile Self-regulated-podcast-development: A Critical Framework for Designing Foreign Language Listening

As part of a two-year experimental research project funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK), this study sets out to describe and discuss the theory and rationale underlying two methodological approaches to be used in the design of foreign language extensive listening activities.

Today, there are several factors that urge learners to engage in somewhat mobile learning activities, such as learning at the work place, need for lifelong learning, ease of use, and accessibility. As in many fields, suitability of mobile devices for foreign language learning attracts researchers’ attention to explore new venues for both design and practice. Thus, we, first, develop two methodological approaches to deliver mobile assisted foreign language learning, and then we attempt to investigate the efficacy of these methodologies. As a result, current paper focuses on the elaboration of the theory and rationale behind the methodologies proposed.

The methodologies presented in this paper are a hybrid of current foreign language learning approaches, web 2.0 tools and existing learning pedagogies with the utilization of mobile environments. Therefore, briefly, purposive-intensive-podcast-listening offers to employ behaviorist learning principles and audio lingual approach with the use of podcasts and mobile technologies. On the other hand, self-regulated-podcast-development uses constructivist pedagogy and communicative approaches with the support of podcasts and mobile technologies. Details of rationale and theoretical ground are presented and discussed within the main body of the paper.


Serkan Sendag    
Computer Education & Instructional Technology
Akdeniz University Education Faculty

Serkan ŞENDAĞ is an assistant professor of instructional technology at department of
Computer Education & Instructional Technology, Faculty of Education, Akdeniz University.
His research interests focus on e-learning, mobile assisted language learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. edemocracy.


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