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Portuguese as a foreign language - online materials

The acquisition of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, or as a Second Language, is now a developing research area. Portuguese has become more and more important as an International Language. However, the methods use in school languages, languages centres and other educational environments are still much related to the course book. This presentation aims at showing how the Web 2.0 has brought to life new pedagogical materials for teaching and learning Portuguese as a Foreign, or as a Second Language.
TOOLS is a European funded project which will enable the creation of media rich webpages for language learning. The unique feature of this free online tool is the way it treats embedded texts, at the touch of a button all words are automatically linked to our bespoke dictionary interface Multidict, which places online dictionaries in +100 languages at the user’s disposal. The fully online tool has been optimized for mobile devices (e.g. iPads, smartphones etc.) thereby ensuring that content can be created and enjoyed on the move.
This paper aims at presenting the Portuguese units at Clilstore, giving a practical demonstration on how they can be used in a normal foreign language classroom.


Maria Marçalo    
Departament of Linguistics and Literatures
University of Évora

Ana Alexandra Silva    
Department of Linguistics and Literatures
University of Évora


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