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Chinese Pronunciation and Romanization Tutorials and Diagnostic Tests

In conjunction with a colleague who is a professor of Chinese, the author created the original Chinese Pronunciation and Romanization diagnostic tests most than 20 years ago. It has been in continuous use at Brigham Young University and several other institutions since then. Thousands of students have used the software, adding up to thousands of classroom hours saved. Over the past year the original authors have completely redesigned the software, adding tutorial modules to help beginning Chinese students learn the fundamentals of Pinyin Romanization and tone discrimination, a critical skill for any learner of Mandarin Chinese. The redesign also includes tools for instructors that help them analyze problem areas for individual students and entire classes.

In this presentation the author will discuss considerations that went into recreating a project for use on modern computing devices, including mobile devices, and discuss models for saving data and tracking user progress. The presentation will include a live demonstration of the software and results of initial user testing during transition from the older to the new software.


Devin Asay    
Office of Digital Humanities
Brigham Young University
United States

Devin Asay holds an M.A. in Russian from Ohio State University, where he began developing CALL software in 1986. He works now as a CALL developer at Brigham Young University.


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