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Editors' panel: trends, expectations, and processes in CALL journals

In this 90-minute panel the editors of CALL-related journals give their perspectives on publishing in CALL as they outline the most important issues CALL scholars need to be aware of when submitting their research for publication. Following a brief overview of the entire process from research study via manuscript under review to published article, panelists will discuss their perspectives on current research trends, questions, and approaches drawing on their experiences as authors, reviewers, and editors. Sufficient time will be allotted to address questions from the audience and to engage with them in a discussion about research and publication in CALL.
Editors from the following journals will be invited as panelists: ALSIC, CALICO Journal, CALL, CALL EJ online, Eurocall Review, IJCALLT, JALT CALL Journal , Language Learning & Technology, ReCALL, and System. The discussion will focus, inter alia, on the following topics: current research trends as evidenced in CALL publications, quality criteria for research papers, ethics in research and publication, different publication formats and venues, , the peer review process, editorial processes and decisions.


Mathias Schulze    
University of Waterloo/CALICO Journal

Bryan Smith    
Arizon State University/CALICO Journal
United States

Françoise Blin    
Dublin City University/ReCALL

Alex Boulton    
Université de Lorraine


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