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Agile user-centred design for CALL - A practical workshop

One of the challenges in CALL design is that it can be ignorant of the social classroom dynamic following an often outmoded cognitive model. Teachers and students need to be considered in designing a CALL system that can be successfully implemented in a supervised classroom setting to enrich TBLT.

This workshop will suit any EUROCALL member involved in building educational software applications by introducing them to industry standard software design and implementation techniques.

Designing a CALL system is not simply about encapsulating a learning model in software. If it doesn’t feel right in the hands of learners and teachers the most innovative learning system will fail. There is a lot more to good usable software design than a linguist or educator might realise. By employing a design thinking mindset, we can apply user-centred design principles to make innovative systems that remain easy to use for teacher and student.

In this hands-on workshop with a provided set of iPads we will demonstrate and facilitate as you try out some of the processes of agile design. Participants will consider first the top-down principles of designing software for the classroom setting from garnering insights with field observation to functional specification, through to user acceptance testing. Then we will move to hands-on experimentation of best practice techniques, considering the full user-centred design lifecycle.

This workshop will include the following segments:

* Theoretical underpinnings of our approach.
* Demonstration of agile design and the sprint software development approach focussed on 'user stories' in a scrum meeting.
* How to model and application and run user trials. Hands-on practice with dummy applications created for the workshop.
* The typical phases of testing required before launching a piece of software.
* How to run and report focus group findings.
* Managing post-launch feedback and issues (including tracking uptake).


David Bish    
Academic Operations and Development
EF Education First

Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Currently Materials developmenta and academic management. Patent holder for ELTONs nominated EF Classsroom App - an iPad MALL system implemented in 41 schools teaching 7 languages. Also studying for EdD TESOL at Exeter University reseraching issues of teacher control and uptake in ICT implementation.

Marc Holgate    
Classroom Technology Experience
EF Education First
United Kingdom

UIX Designer, 6 months working on school-based user trailling and focus groups for classroom-based MALL pleatform.

Ravi Chopra    
Classroom Technology Experience
EF Education First


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