National Contacts

EUROCALL has established a network of national/regional contacts whose function is to act as a channel of communication between the central EUROCALL organisation and members (and would-be members) in their respective countries.

The role of these contacts is:

  • recruitment of new EUROCALL members
  • retention of existing EUROCALL members
  • dissemination of EUROCALL publicity
  • organisation of seminars and workshops
  • provision of information on developments and events in the country
  • stimulating the submission of articles to EUROCALL publications
  • maintaining a national EUROCALL information webpage/website with links to & from the EUROCALL website

The table below lists EUROCALL national contacts by country with contact details and a link to the national website. These sites are not mirrors of the main EUROCALL website in different languages, but localised sites reflecting the national character and needs.


Country Name Email Website
Austria Inge-Anna Koleff  
Belgium Piet Desmet
Cyprus Salomi Papadima
Denmark Karen-Margrete Frederiksen
Finland Peppi Taalas
France Cédric Sarré
Germany Antje Neuhoff  
Hungary András Kétyi
Italy Suzanne Cloke
Netherlands Ton Koenraad
Poland Anna Turula
Portugal Antonio Lopes
Russia Irina Smoliannikova  
Spain Ana Gimeno
Sweden Therese Örnberg Berglund
Switzerland Luis Gonzalez
Turkey Muge Satar  
UK The Eurocall HQ - Toni Patton