Poster Awards

We give two awards for the best posters at our annual conference (as voted by delegates).

Any poster presented at the conference is eligible and there are two categories: students and non-students.

Winners are named on the EUROCALL website and their poster is published on the site. In addition, winners receive a certificate from EUROCALL, a free one-year membership and a voucher.

If you have any queries about this award please contact the EUROCALL secretary.



EUROCALL 2022 Winners

Student winner: Sofia Di Sarno García

Poster title: Does participating in a telecollaboration project foster the acquisition of apologies? Insights from the ESP context.

Student winning poster - Click here to view

Practitioner winners: Jaime Selwood & Katya Nykytcheno

Poster title: “Embracement, Ambivelance or Distrust? The lessons that can be learnt from online videoconferencing classes during the pandemic.”

Practitinoer winning poster - Click here to view


 EUROCALL 2021 Winners

Student winner:   Caroline Fairet
Poster title:  English learning dynamics in a blended environment designed for and by professional adult learners.
Student winning poster: click here to view

Practitioner winners:    Branislav Bedi
Poster title:  Taladu! Assessing learners' needs for developing a mobile app for practicing spoken Icelandic L2.
Practitioner winning poster: click here to view



EUROCALL Gathering 2020 Winners

Student winner:   Paola Harris Bonet.
Student winning poster: Click here to view

Practitioner winners:    Shuichi Amano, Kazumichi Enokida, Joe Lauer, Jaime Selwood, Mitsuhiro Morita, Shusaku Kida,Tatsuya Sakaue, Kunihiro Kusanagi.   
Poster title: Extensive listening and LMS-based report sharing in an online course: Using Mahara-platformed English podcasts.
Practitioner winning poster: Click here to view


EUROCALL 2019 Winners

“Testing L1 and FL writing with Internet access: effect on task complexity” - Dea Jespersen & Sanne Larssen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

“Practical Shadowing Activities in class with the reflection of CMC with Filipino teachers” - Yasushi Tsubota, Yoshitaka Sugimoto, Sandra Healy, Kayoko Ito


EUROCALL 2018 Winners

Physically Banned yet Virtually Connected at EUROCALL2017: How Technology Overcomes the Boundaries of Our Time - Parisa Mehran, Ichiro Koguchi, Haruo Takemura (Osaka University, Japan)

A Solution for Marking Written Copies Handed Back as Assignments in Moodle - Céline Restrepo Zea & Thierry Herman, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.


EUROCALL 2017 Winners

Evaluating the effect of data-driven learning (DDL) on the acquisition of academic collocations by advanced Chinese learners of English - Tanjun Liu (Lancaster University, UK)
The Effect of Socio-Economic Status on Informal Mobile-Assisted Language Learning - Megumi Kohyama (University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan)