EUROCALL/CALICO Joint Virtual Worlds and Serious Games SIG


It is clear that there is a growing interest in virtual worlds, especially Second Life, among EUROCALL and CALICO members. There have been several presentations on virtual worlds at recent EUROCALL and CALICO conferences, and hands-on workshops both for newcomers to Second Life and for more experienced users have also taken place.

Following discussions between Graham Davies (EUROCALL), Randall Sadler (CALICO) and Thom Thibeault (CALICO) in early 2009, it was decided to approach EUROCALL and CALICO members with a proposal to create a joint EUROCALL/CALICO Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group (VW SIG) for teachers of modern foreign languages and English as a foreign language.

A meeting therefore took place at the EUROCALL 2009 conference and it was agreed that a joint EUROCALL/CALICO VW SIG should be established, managed by Graham Davies on behalf of EUROCALL and Randall Sadler on behalf of CALICO. The VW SIG is now firmly established and a Ning has been set up to facilitate communication among our members:

EUROCALL and CALICO now share a joint EUROCALL/CALICO Headquarters on EduNation III Island in Second Life, and Thierry Chanier (Thierry Claremont in SL) has established a Headquarters for ALSIC immediately next door.

Further information is available in the member’s area