EUROCALL/CALICO Travel Ban Initiative



You will have heard that President Trump is seeking to impose a travel ban to prevent access to the United States for people from a range of countries. Our colleagues in CALICO are concerned that this will prevent a number of those who have been accepted to present papers at their conference in Arizona in May from attending.  We at EUROCALL feel, as they do, that this action (up until now blocked by the US Courts) flies in the face of academic freedom and the kind of international collaboration upon which both organisations are built. Because of this, we will be organising a CALICO stream during our annual conference at Southampton in August (if the ban is eventually imposed), so that these papers can be delivered.  For further details of the CALICO statement access the CALICO website at:

Information on options to support those who find themselves affected by this or any subsequent travel ban between now and the 2017 CALICO Conference will be posted on the CALICO and EUROCALL sites in due course.