New EUROCALL website launched


On 19th November, 2013, after a long gestation, this new EUROCALL website was launched to the public and to EUROCALL members. It is a root and branch redesign of EUROCALL's online offering, behind a clean and undemonstrative interface. We hope that public and members alike will find it easy to use. The previous site, which was mostly static HTML pages, had served us well for many years, but was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and to keep current. This new site is based on Wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System) and allows executive members and other contributors to keep content current, as well as permitting many other dynamic and interactive features. Please see About | Website for more details on the technicalities of the site. Below is the official launch announcement from the EUROCALL President, edited a little for concision:

Announcement from the EUROCALL President

Dear EUROCALL members,

The EUROCALL Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the new EUROCALL website is now live at: The ‘old’ site will remain live for about two weeks.

Please send general comments and feedback about the new website to the discussion list, so that other members can see and discuss your comments. If you have a problem specific to your membership, please email the EUROCALL Secretary, Toni Patton (

On the new site, you will find up-to-date information on EUROCALL activities and policies, especially regarding membership benefits and renewal. I am taking this opportunity to remind you that membership now runs for twelve months from the date of renewal, and that you need to have a valid membership to attend EUROCALL conferences or SIG events.

Current EUROCALL members have access to a completely revised members’ area, which allows you to comment and interact with our community. The members’ area is still under construction and we are keen to hear from you so that we can further develop it. In particular, we are working on two major projects that should be of interest to you: the move of the CALL bibliography to a Zotero group that will allow you to access and add to the bibliography, and an expanded Postgraduate Corner. We welcome your comments and ideas to develop these two sections of the website. We are also in the process of uploading minutes of our Annual General Meetings and other papers. Please bear with us while we are continuing to work on these projects.


Finally, I would like to express my warmest thanks to the Executive Committee for their careful editing of the site content, and to Fred Riley for his trojan work on this project which we would not have been able to complete without his dedication to our organisation.

Kind regards,

Françoise Blin

President, EUROCALL