Intelligent CALL (ICALL) SIG

Why have an ICALL SIG?

We feel that research in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Corpus-Driven and Corpus Linguistics, Formal Linguistics, Machine Aided Translation, Machine Translation, Natural Language Interfaces, Natural Language Processing, Theoretical Linguistics has produced results which have proven, are proving and will prove very useful in the field of Computer-Assisted Language Learning.

A SIG in Language Processing can therefore facilitate information exchange between individual EUROCALL members interested in or already working in one of the above fields. As many of us do, we view CALL as an interdisciplinary area of research and development. In this SIG, we will bring together members with a background and/or interest in these neighbouring disciplines in order to provide a forum for discussion about language processing approaches to language, language learning, and language teaching in the field of CALL.

Further information is available in the member’s area